Portfolio Development

Once the goal of acquiring a primary residence is accomplished, what’s next? If the intended goal is multiple streams of residual income, then establishing a real estate portfolio is the next course of action. It has been said that 90% of millionaires develop their wealth through real estate; this doesn’t mean that every millionaire is a real estate agent or avid property investor. Many millionaires were at one point and time average, ordinary people, with families and responsibilities like anyone else. The difference between these individuals and the the vast majority of society, that retire at age 65, is they made an effort to invest in something their future-self would appreciate. We start by developing a customised real estate portfolio plan for each & every client; our expertise in creating income properties (basement apartment, duplex, triplex, legal rooming house, etc.) collaborated with obtaining the appropriate financing, makes owning an investment property a reality for our clients.

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