TRADITIONAL PURCHASE: Many first time home buyers find themselves lost and confused in the process of obtaining their dream home and can easily fall short of the goal. The home ownership journey may not only be a strenuous process for first time home buyers, but also property owners re-evaluating their needs, wants & desires. The purchasing process is meant to be two things, informative, but more importantly enjoyable; after all the saying goes, “There’s no place like home” and at LSG Group we make sure that’s a priority. We help coordinate our clients needs, wants, desires and last, but not least, their finances for the purchase of their next property. With qualified real estate and mortgage professionals working in our clients’ best interest, our primary focus is ensuring our clients purchase with confidence.

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PURCHASE PLUS: With Toronto leading the Canadian real estate market, and property values rising year over year, it’s fair to say the Greater Toronto Area is a competitive space to buy in, and compromise of some sort is inevitable. At LSG Group we identified this as a niche market for our clients, to not only buy a property in a forward market, but not have to compromise as they would with a traditional purchase. We’ve structured a comprehensive purchase plan, which incorporates the purchase, renovation & financing required in order to take a less than average, dated property and transform it to a place called home. We walk our clients through obtaining a property, renovating it to suit their needs and bundling the costs of the initial purchase, plus the renovation, into one single mortgage loan.

Looking for a home with hardwood floors, pot lights or finished basement? How about a property with basement rental income? With our Purchase Plus Program there’s no need to choose; we find properties that meet the required criteria, and infuse the purchasing process with a new build, pre-construction approach that enables our clients to pick and choose finishes to their desired taste. We’ve combined the practicality of purchasing a resale home on a budget & the satisfaction of purchasing a brand new home. Building a home, not just a house, is truly a labour of love; our collaborative process balances our expertise and guidance while adhering to the cosmetic desires of our clients. With our Purchase Plus Program, the home you’ll love meets the house you can afford.

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PRE-CONSTRUCTION PURCHASE: With preferred pre-construction pricing and exclusive deposit structures, we offer some of the very best deals for our investors before our affiliate builders open the sales centre doors to the public for each project. We also specialize in a variety of resale investment opportunities rendering not only rental income, but also monthly positive cash flow as well. Plant your financial seed on the investment soil it deserves.

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