Investment Capital Management

At LSG Group we endorse & support our clients to invest in real estate, but sometimes property is a more long term, financial commitment than a client is prepared to make. As a profitable alternative to traditional investments, we offer our clients lucrative return on investment with flexible options, yielding a minimum of 8% per annum, as little as 6 months commitment, with a minimum contribution of $10,000. Typical investments, such as RRSP’s, GIC’s, mutual funds, savings bonds, etc., usually provide annual returns of 3% to 5% with commitments ranging between 1 to 10 years or more. Our primary focus is based on secured financing, which we use to mitigate the risks associated with investing. This combined with a variety of other property related investments allows us to maintain excellent returns for our clients, meanwhile capitalising on the profitability related to private lending.

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