LSG Group is a real estate & finance consulting firm based out of the city of Toronto. We provide service, advice and more importantly results for our clients’ personal and/or business needs. Our company is comprised of three divisions, each providing solutions from step one to step done.

At LSG Group we take a unique approach to servicing our clients. We’re a progressive company, that aims to provide elite service, to a diverse client base. Servicing our clients’ business, real estate & financial needs is more than our job, it’s our commitment. We aspire to exceed our clients' expectations, not only through service, but in added value to their lives.


To acquire knowledge by study, experience or instruction; to become informed of or to find out.

What It Means To Us: Meeting our clients’ needs, but more importantly understanding their circumstance.


To acquire the correct or desired aim or result.

What It Means To Us: Our clients’ success is our accomplishment.


To develop or gradually increase in size or amount; become greater or larger; expand.

What It Means To Us: We aspire to influence our clients to progress towards their goals one day, week, month, year at a time.


Offers services related to everyday business needs, and the essential components every small business requires when getting started.


Offers full service real estate solutions, advice and more importantly support, giving our clients a support system to maintain their portfolio but also build it, even after a transaction is complete.


Offers a wide array of lending, so no matter what walk of life our clients may come from, we obtain the required approval when it’s needed most; this collaborated with investment advice & options yielding consistent returns our clients can rely on, truly gives our clients a well rounded experience from start to finish.

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